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FFF in NY: Tea with Eloise at The Plaza

Visiting NYC with your favourite mini-Fatale is as delicious and refreshing as the big apple herself. One of our favrouite pit-stops is The Plaza Hotel, the home of my mini-Fatale’s personal heroine, Eloise.

Kay Thompson’s fictional character Eloise resided in The Plaza, getting up to all types of mischief with her turtle Skipperdee and pug Weenie, living in a magical world that is many a mini’s fantasy, and Eloise is THE buzzword on everybody’s lips at the hotel, especially when they spot a mini-Fatale. 

So we found ourselves on the lower level in Eloise heaven, a five room boutique where you can catch an episode of Eloise in the screening room, buy Eloise bits and bobs including stationary, hats and chinaware and stay for morning tea. It is mini-Fatale heaven, not to mention fanciful and fabulous for grown-ups too. Not to be missed!

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