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Snap! Today FFF is eating...

WHAT: Crisp and crunchy salad with golden haloumi

WHERE: FFF’s kitchen

WHY WE’RE FFF-ING LOVE IT: With nothing much in the fridge, we threw this together for dinner in 10 minutes and it was delicious, a little bit decadent and there was barely any cleaning up to do afterwards — perfect!

Make: Simply wash and roughly shred baby spinach leaves then chop some celery, cucumber, fennel (bulb and some of the feathery fronds), a golden shallot, herbs (we chose mint but whatever you have on hand) and a red chilli. Throw it all in a bowl and season with sea salt and pepper. Toast some pine nuts until golden and add to the bowl with some diced avocado. Slice haloumi* and fry in a little olive oil until golden and bubbling. Place on a paper towel to rest for a minute and squeeze with lemon. Meanwhile, mix up a vinaigrette of olive oil, red wine vinegar and a touch of maple syrup.

Serve: Tear or slice the haloumi, and scatter over the salad. Dress with the vinaigrette and mix gently (with clean hands) so as not to squish the avocado. Pour a glass of wine and eat!

* We used South Cape Haloumi in Brine and it was one of the best we have tried.

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