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The Princess Style Diaries and an open letter to Kate

Dear Kate,

First of all — we do love you. We love your serene demeanour and the cool, confident way you have navigated your royal path thus far. You haven’t put a foot wrong. Well, barely…

It’s about the clothes. You have pulled off a few stunners, but on the whole it’s a bit beige, boring and well beyond your years. Let’s face it Kate — you’ve got the bod, the hair and the bank account. Stop resting on your Princess Powers, and start using them. And PLEASE stop purloining relics from Carole’s closet (while we’re at it, steer clear of Pip-Pip-Hooray’s as well).

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite looks from Princesses who rock it like Supermodels, but keep it royal. The two don’t have to be exclusive. Take your cue from the gorgeous Grimaldis, our Mary, Queen Rania and Princess Letizia.

Make the most of your royal assets.  Be young and regally sexy. Slick your hair back every now and then, lose the nude nylons and crazy hats and do go easy on the black khol eyeliner.

And to finish, we’ve thrown in a timely warning — being a Princess does not a pop star make. Exhibit A: Stephanie De Monaco (scroll below). Instead, stick to being royal but do say yes to every Prince’s Trust pop concert. Make like Di and DO dance-it-up. We love that.

Anyway, think about it. Say hi to Wills, and do give Dirty Harry our love!

FFF xx

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