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FFF Friday Flashback: Beatlemania

Just like Elvis, One Direction have officially left the building … or the country to be precise. The mega-mania of teen girls over the last few weeks has been at fever pitch, and we have to admit to being a tad jealous — we wish we could turn back the clock and join them!

There is nothing quite like the devotion, hysteria and elation of a gaggle of girls as the practise one of the oldest tricks in the book — teen idol adulation. We have fond memories of the days when Duran Duran plastered our walls and occupied our every thought. There’s nothing like it, and to all the party poopers out there we simply say: let this band and their frenzied fans enjoy it all to the very last drop!

But if you want to talk about the Masters of Mania, we have to go back to the originators of the movement. Before Yoko, before THAT trip to India … their were four boys, they were in a band and their very existence coined the phrase Beatlemania. While the Boy Bands that have come after them can’t hold a torch to the Beatles, we bet The Fab Four would graciously tip their hats to the 1D boys and say ‘Enjoy it lads, it’s your ticket to ride’. Happy Friday FFFs!

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