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Stella's Garden Party & FFF's fave floral ice-cubes

FFF loves a good Garden Party, as does our fashion hero Stella McCartney who again chose one yesterday to launch her scrummy Resort 2013 collection.

Styling up the quaint grounds of NYC’s 19th-century Marble Cemetery, statuesque models wearing McCartney’s plaid suits, leopard print coats, yellow lace dresses, floral dresses and jackets and sky blue suiting took to the croquet pitch and revelled in the make shift carnival atmosphere. Guests including pixie-cut Anne Hathaway nibbled on veggie burgers and ice-cream sandwiches, whilst mini-Stella’s sold homemade lemonade.

The only thing missing was one of FFF’s fave Garden Party musts, edible floral ice cubes. As pretty as Stella’s new floral print, they are super-easy to whiz up and chic up a soda or spritzer Stella-style. Make up your own combinations, adding herbs like lavender, mint or chamomile for a zingy bent. We like making thyme cubes to accompany lemonade - or mint, apple blossom or rose petal cubes for prettying up iced tea. 

Floral Ice-cubes

  • Edible Flowers
  • Water

Wash flowers very gently keeping small flowers in tact and de-petaling any larger blossoms.

In a large ice cube tray, pour a miniscule amount of water to just cover the bottom (which will end up the top of the ice cube). Choose your petals and flowers, considering the colour palette for each cube, the place in facing the bottom (therefore the right-side-up) touching the thin layer of water as much as possible.

Place trays in the freezer, until the first layer is solid. Remove from freezer, and top with a bit more water and another layer of flowers, if desired, or fill completely.

Return ice cube trays to the freezer until frozen and ready to use.

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