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5 minutes with Gail Elliott

Gorgeous Sydney-based supermodel and designer of luxe brand Little Joe gives us a rundown of her wardrobe needs, wants and must-haves. Her fashion philosopy is a well-edited and pared-back wardrobe of good basics and timeless indulgences.  Thank you for sharing Gail!

FFF: Gail what are your staples?

GE: Oversized cotton tees in white, black or grey marle, leather pants and jackets, jeans, blazers, striped tees, designer handbags, shoes & boots.

FFF: What are your indulgences?

GE:  Shoes & handbags.

FFF: What can’t you live without?

GE:  Gifts of jewellery from my husband.

FFF: What is past its use-by-date?

GE:  I’m good at giving away things  that I don’t need so it’s all pretty much up-to-date!

FFF: What is your wardrobe craving?

GE:  I could always do with more Azzedine Alaia shoes!